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10 Reasons the iPhone is still the best (Part two)


Part two.

The display!

I’m probably going to get alot of s#”t for this, but I think the iPhones display is the best… ever…

Why do I think so? First of all, I hate slow, sluggish andĀ unresponsive phones (Read: SonyEricsson Satio, Nokia 5800, HTC Diamond) and like many smartphone users I text a bunch, I send 20 – 50 emails a day, and I’m on Facebook and Twitter. For all of these tasks, the iPhone screen is perfect. It’s fast when writing text / email, it’s accurate, its forgiving when typing fast, and so on.

Lets face it, capacitive screen technology is not a new, mystical technology. It’s availible to every manufacturer, and I claim that Apple is the first of these manufacturers that has really perfected the use of touchscreens. I agree that there is bigger, brighter, shinier screens out there, but they don’t compare to the iPhone… at all…

So there you have it. You can hate me all you want, and if you would like to prove me wrong, comment or email me!


Nokia E71 and E66 gets free navigation from Ovi


In case you have missed it, Nokia added free voice-guidance to their Ovi maps SatNav application at the start of this year. The only problem was that the update that brought the new functionality was only available to the most recently released Nokia smartphones but the Finnish company is obviously working to fix that.

The latest handsets to join the free voice-guided SatNav party are Nokia E66 and Nokia E71. Two of the most successful members of the business-centered part of the Nokia portfolio now have access to free walk and drive navigation via the latest version of Ovi Maps.

Just go to, download the new version of Ovi Maps and use the Ovi Suite to transfer it to your Nokia E71/E66 and you are good to go.

Update: Our readers report that the new version of Ovi Maps for Nokia E66 works just as fine on Nseries phones such as N95, for instance. So – here goes some free SatNav love to all S60 v3.1 Nokia smartphones.