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Bye bye old iPhone! Apple pulls iPhone 3G from online stores


You know what’s coming up in just a few days? Apples Worldwide Developer Conference. With WWDC comes new iPhones.. and with new iPhones, comes the death of an old one. Apple may very well still offer the 3GS after the fourth-generation iPhone is on the shelves — but offering the fourth-gen iPhone, the 3GS, and the 3G? Probably not going to happen.

The first herald of the iPhone 3G’s impending death has come.


Sometime early this morning, Apple pulled the “Select” button off of the iPhone purchasing page. If you want an iPhone from Apple’s online store right this second, you’re buying a 3GS — or, you know, waiting a few weeks and getting the new toy, or at least getting the 3GS a few bills less after the inevitable price drop.

[Via Engadget and MobileCrunch]


Visa wants to turn your iPhone into a credit card.


This morning, Visa and DeviceFidelity Inc., issued a joint press release annoucing that they’d built — and received Apple’s much-coveted blessing in the form of accessory certification — an iPhone case that acts as a tap-to-pay Visa credit card.

Oddly, the press release has since been pulled from almost all of the sites it was published on, though we’re not sure why. Details in the release indicate that it might not have been intended for release until tomorrow, so it was presumably just a scheduling mistake. We’ve got the full text of the release below.

Just as we’d originally envisioned, the Visa case connects with an application on the handset to allow it to be password-protected. Password protection or not, you’ll still want to watch this thing like a hawk.

Market trials of the iPhone case should begin some time this summer, though it’s not clear just how limited they’ll be. If it’s not open to anyone who asks, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear any ways to wiggle into the trial.

Visa Inc. and DeviceFidelity, Inc. are working to allow Apple iPhone(TM) users to make payments by simply waving their iPhone in front of a contactless payment terminal. The new technology, developed by DeviceFidelity and certified by Apple, combines a protective iPhone case with a secure memory card that hosts Visa’s contactless payment application, called Visa payWave. The technology will work for both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G devices.

iPhone users will be able to make Visa mobile payments in retail stores, at fast food restaurants, in taxis, during sporting events (such as at baseball games), and also make purchases at vending machines that have contactless payment terminals. Thousands of merchants throughout the U.S. have already upgraded their payment terminals to allow consumers to make Visa mobile payments. The technology will also work with a majority of smart phones that have a slot for a memory card. By simply inserting the card into the memory slot on their phone, mobile users can transform their existing mobile phones into a Visa payment device. Visa has already rolled out a similar technology in Malaysia and Japan, where consumers can make mobile payments in stores and restaurants.

The mobile payment application can be password protected and utilizes advanced security technology to uniquely identify each contactless transaction.. In addition, all Visa mobile payments are backed by Visa’s global processing network and analyzed for potential fraud in real-time. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, account holders should contact their issuer, as they would if their card was lost or stolen. The issuer can immediately deactivate the account. Market trials of the payment-enabled iPhone are scheduled to start this summer.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 Thursday, May 6th, 2010
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NEWS: Use Your iPhone to make Visa payments

FORMAT: B-roll and Soundbites

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Video, contact information and more available at:

* Dave Wentker, Head of Mobile Contactless Payments at Visa Inc
* Amitaabh Malhotra, COO of DeviceFidelity.
* Kevin Scott, Father of three

* Chip and Memory Slot on iPhone
* Visa-iPhone Transactions
* Stadium shots
* Family broll
* Various Store Exteriors

VIDEO PROVIDED BY: Visa and DeviceFidelity

Contact: FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL: MultiVu Media Relations, 1-800-653-5313 EXT. 3

SOURCE Visa and DeviceFidelity

10 Reasons why the iPhone is still the best (part five)


Part five

Overall quality!

I am very aware of build quality when I buy stuff. For example a new car, a new jacket, new shoes, and so on.

I love when stuff feels expencive, exclusive, solid, and well built.

Therefor I love the iPhone. It feels well built, it feels solid, it feels exclusive. There is no wobbly parts, no covers that feels loose. The front is one big peice of glass, the back is sleek, glossy plastic and the whole thing just feels right.

I’ve had my share of phones and the iPhone is by far the terminal that has the highest quality score of the all.

10 Reasons the iPhone is still the best (part four)


This does not so much concern the phone itself, but the tons of accessories that has been made for this unit.

When you see a person yapping on their iPhone, you can bet your shorts he / she has spend some amount of money on accessories. Why is that you ask? The answer is simple… because its made tons of it. Everything from docks, skins, covers, headsets, FM-transmitters, carkits, docks you can put in your hot-tub, and the list goes on.

Third-party iPhone accessories is big business, really big business, and thats great. Because it enables the consumer to customize their phone to their liking. I for instance, have a Paul Frank cover and earphones from Creative, and all this allows me as consumer to get the most out of my user experience.

The Geneva Model L is an example of what great accessories has been made

How about an iPhone Wall Dock?

Put the iPhone in your car?

And there you have it. Yeat ANOTHER reason the iPhone is, and still will be the best.

Comment or email me if you want to prove me wrong!

This is the new iPhone (Video)


Looks amazing right?

10 Reasons the iPhone is still the best (part three)


Part Three

Third party apps and the App Store

Yeah, yeah! I know you hate me, but I haven’t heard a single argument proving me wrong. So here is yet another reason the iPhone still is the best.

One of the reasons to choose a smartphone terminal is the ability to customize and adjust the type of software and applications that is important to you. The App Store is by far the best system for downloading and enjoying third party apps.

6 reasons the AppStore is the best:

  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Description, reviews, and screenshots on one page
  • Two clicks, and its downloaded
  • Everything is categorized by genre, free apps, apps that costs money, and top 25
  • The largest library of apps on the market
  • Apps are downloadable OTA, or through iTunes
  • Many apps are exclusive to the App Store

The closest competitor to App Store is Android Market, but it lacks the simple UI and “fluid” feel of it. It also has fewer apps and has suffered greatly with technical issues and alot of bogus applications.

So there you have it, another reason the iPhones is still the best. Comment or send me your hatemail here.

10 Reasons the iPhone is still the best (Part two)


Part two.

The display!

I’m probably going to get alot of s#”t for this, but I think the iPhones display is the best… ever…

Why do I think so? First of all, I hate slow, sluggish and unresponsive phones (Read: SonyEricsson Satio, Nokia 5800, HTC Diamond) and like many smartphone users I text a bunch, I send 20 – 50 emails a day, and I’m on Facebook and Twitter. For all of these tasks, the iPhone screen is perfect. It’s fast when writing text / email, it’s accurate, its forgiving when typing fast, and so on.

Lets face it, capacitive screen technology is not a new, mystical technology. It’s availible to every manufacturer, and I claim that Apple is the first of these manufacturers that has really perfected the use of touchscreens. I agree that there is bigger, brighter, shinier screens out there, but they don’t compare to the iPhone… at all…

So there you have it. You can hate me all you want, and if you would like to prove me wrong, comment or email me!

10 Reasons the iPhone is still the best (Part one)


I’ve decided to make a ten point list of reasons why the iPhone is the best smartphone on the market. I do this mainly to fuel the ongoing battle of the smartphones, but also to create a discussion and to find out if the iPhone really is the best.

Part One


Keep it simple stupid! One of the key features of the iPhone is its simplicity, and user friendliness.

I am fortunate to work in the telecom buisiness and I have access to almost any smartphone terminal on the market but I still haven’t seen any terminal that is as simple, sublime and user frendly as the iPhone.

If we compare the iPhone OS to its largest competitors, Android, Symbian, and Blackberry OS. I think its fair to say that none of theese even comes close to the UI of the iPhone. I recently used the SonyEricsson X10, HTC HD2, HTC Legend, and let me be the first to say that theese handsets are great in so many ways. But none as simple and easy to use as the iPhone.

But what is most important to smartphone users? Multitasking? Speed? Social media? User friendliness? I say all of the above. I would not function in everyday life without e-mail, calendar, Facebook, and Twitter, and I have used many different handsets the last 3 – 4 months but like I said, not once have I felt as comfortable using theese handsets due to the fact that none of them is really simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the iPhone is perfect, it has its obvious flaws, and like many consumers I am willing to look past them and see what the iPhone is really ment to be: A simple, easy to use, fast, and good looking smartphone.

So I claim that the iPhone is the best smartphone handset when it comes to user friendliness, simplicity and that is has the most streamlined user experience on the market today! I really want your opinion on this, so please comment or email me

iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbroken


Late last night, we put up a post debunking the idea going around the Bloggerdom that the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta had already been jailbroken, because, well, it hadn’t.

But now it has.

MuscleNerd, a member of the notoriously wonderful iPhone DevTeam, pushed the above video out to YouTube this morning. What you’re looking at: that’s a VNC server running on iPhone OS 4.0, allowing MuscleNerd to remotely connect, view, and control it via his computer. Even with iPhone OS’ new found multitasking abilities, that’s something the iPhone just can’t do by default.

There’s little reason to doubt the authenticity of this video; MuscleNerd is amongst the most established members of the iPhone hacking community, and isn’t really known for messing around.

While it’s exciting to see, remember: this is Beta software. Apple’s presumably leaving whatever security holes they know about open in the Beta for the same reason the development team isn’t releasing the details of their most recently discovered exploits (including this one) until iPhone OS 4.0 is available to all: it’s a game of cat and mouse. The mouse doesn’t want to tell the cat where he’s hiding his cheese, and the cat doesn’t want the mouse to know whether or not she already knows.


Video Chat Coming To The Next iPhone? All Signs Are Pointing To Yes!


As they do with any major new iPhone OS release, people have been tearing apart the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK from the very second it was available. Almost immediately, someone noticed that bits and pieces of iChat had found their way into the new software.

By itself, it didn’t really make sense. The iPhone has plenty of incredibly solid third-party IM applications — some of them being amongst the App Store’s best sellers. Why would Apple be sneaking any parts of iChat onto the iPhone? Then the first mentions of a front facing camera were unearthed, and it all started coming together in the form of two little words: video chat. Alas, there was no concrete proof that Apple was following the same train of thought.. until now.

You see, much of iPhone OS’ underpinnings can be revealed through tricks called “class dumping” and “string dumping”. Through class dumping, you can take a peek into which frameworks and APIs are being used by any given application. (Ever heard of an application using “unpublished” APIs? This is how the developers found those APIs in the first place — and how Apple caught them, for that matter.) Through string dumping, all of the various bits of text pre-programmed into an app can be ripped out and displayed.

When the guys over at 9to5Mac started using the above techniques to explore the innards of the new SDK, it all came spilling out. There they were, in good ol’ plain English: references to video chatting, ranging from inviting users to terminating calls. More digging unveiled that Apple appears to be testing video chat on four servers: three privately located on Apple’s own intranet, and one which is (currently) open to the world (albeit mostly useless).

We spoke to our own sources, many of whom were tight-lipped on the matter. Of those who did pipe up, they were able to confirm 9to5’s findings, along with at least 30 other references to video chat support that went unmentioned. All of them — and us, for that matter — seem to be wondering the same thing: why the heck did Apple leave this in (semi-private) public view? Apple’s known for shrouding even the most minute details in secrecy; here, it’s seems as if they’re almost intentionally throwing many dozens of hints about an unannounced feature in a place where tinkerers were almost guaranteed to find it. Is Apple learning to love the rumor mill?

My current educated guess based on everything that has been whispered to me so far: I don’t think iChat, as an IM client that would compete with the third party apps, is coming to the iPhone — but that Apple will be using bits and pieces of the iChat core to power their video chat service. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for more.