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The Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One

Welcome to TechTengu, your resource centre for smartphones.

Mobile communication is a bigger part of our daily lives than ever before, and consumers rely more and more on their phones to keep in touch with other people. There was a time when we only used our phones to talk to other people, then SMS-text came along, then MMS, then mobile internet and so on. You know the rest…

Enter the age of the smartphone.

A smartphone by defenition is a device that offers highly advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality (this is called PC-mobile handset convergence) Per se there is no industry definition of a smartphone. For most of consumers a smartphone is a phone that runs a complete stand-alone operating system, providing a standardized user interface which also works as a platform for software developers. For others, a smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features like e-mail integration, web browsers, socialmedia integration and multimedia capabilities.

In other words, its a small computer with phone capability!

Growth in demand for advanced mobile devices had led to some technological breakthroughs over the last decade.

This including touchscreens, faster processors, customized operating systems, abundant memory, and so on.

When the first smartphone was released back in 1992 by IBM, smartphone were advanced, bulky, expensive, and not something your average consumer would buy. But times are changing, smartphones is more and more common and the smartphone marketshare has exploded over the last few years

This is were TechTengu comes in. Our main goal is to provide you with in-depth reviews, test, and walkthroughs. Thus providing you with a helping hand in the smartphone jungle.

If you have any questions please contact us at techtengu@gmail.com

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